DEF Storage Design

We design complete systems for storage, dispensing, monitoring and replenishing onsite DEF fluid inventory. While non-toxic and safe to handle, DEF nevertheless is a chemical substance. That means that if it’s not stored in ideal conditions, its effectiveness can decrease. Contamination is also a risk if storage isn’t secure; reduced fluid purity can damage SCR systems, sometimes irreparably.

To promote quality across the industry, the American Petroleum Institute has set professional standards for the manufacturing and handling of DEF and DEF products. At Blue Network, our designs adhere to these standards as well as other international guidelines. As a result, we proudly serve more than half of Canadian trucks with SCR systems, both on-highway and off-road.

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Blue Network has more than 20 bulk DEF terminals nationwide, which means you can enjoy the benefits of membership no matter where you are in Canada. So why not cut out the middle man, save yourself some cash, and get the highest quality service? To learn more about our company or partner with us, please contact us at (888) 732-6668.