What is DEF?

Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is a pure, aqueous solution, utilized in today’s diesel selective catalytic reduction (SCR) engines to reduce noxious nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. DEF is sprayed into the exhaust stream by an advanced injection system and then converted into ammonia, which breaks down dangerous NOx emissions into nitrogen and water.

How is DEF made?

Our DEF starts with automotive grade urea, sourced as a pure urea liquid.

How is DEF handled?

DEF is a sensitive fluid with stringent tolerances related to today’s complex emissions control systems. Strict handling procedures are enforced throughout our supply chain.

How is DEF delivered?

Blue Network DEF is delivered in temperature controlled stainless steel tankers, using only Measures Canada approved equipment. Specialized, sealed-air dispensing equipment transfers the pure fluid to your onsite tanks.

How is DEF stored?

DEF is only compatible with stainless steel and certain specific plastics. Blue Network DEF solution is stored and handled in accordance to ISO 22241 requirements. Stringent handling protocols and record keeping ensure accurate product traceability.

Do you test your DEF?

Blue Network DEF is fully tested at our ASTM capable, ISO 17025 accredited lab. This in-house testing and analysis allow us to maintain rigorous adherence to ISO 22241, the international standard in DEF quality. This unique Canadian testing facility is available to our customers when needed for OEM claim support. As an added measure of assurance, we test throughout the supply chain, at every fluid transfer and at every tanker load. That’s our commitment to quality.

Blue Network

What services does Blue Network provide?

Blue Network and its nationwide network of partners provide system design, installation, maintenance, financing, equipment and comprehensive support.

Where does Blue Network deliver?

Blue Network members enjoy nationwide reach. With over 20 bulk DEF terminals strategically located across the country.