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DEF Products and Services in Canada

Our DEF starts with automotive-grade urea, sourced as a pure urea liquor and precision blended with high-purity water to achieve standardized concentrations. We never use evaporated solid “urea prill” that runs a risk of introducing ammonia, formaldehyde, or other contaminants, all of which can potentially damage your equipment.

Product Number: 7000000
UPC: 056012 70000
We work with you to create a completely customized DEF dispensing solution. Whether it’s Polytanks, Totes or Air1 Boxes we’ll have you set up to receive the best option for your required DEF needs.
1 X 1040 L (275 GALLONS)
Product Number: 7027573
UPC: 056012 70275
Totes in 1040 L (275 gallons) sizes have Micro Matic closed seals to keep the DEF free of contaminants.
UPC: 056012 700551
1 X 208 L (55 GALLONS)
Conventional 208L Drum package style is perfect for those setup for use of drums in their shops. Available in both closed micro matic returnable and open one way systems. All of our drums ensure purity of DEF to optimize your SCR benefits.

To dispense fluid from a drum you may purchase a DEF pump from your local equipment supplier. Open drums require a non-micro matic hand pump. Closed micro matic drums may use a DEF compatible air or electric operated pump.

2 X 9.46 L (2.5 GALLONS)
Product Number: 7002525
UPC: 056012 700254
9.46 L Jugs are available in cases of 2 or in pallets. Each jug includes its own spout, which fits the DEF tank opening for easy refilling.

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Here’s what makes our DEF different.

Rigorously Tested

Our DEF is fully tested at our accredited, in-house lab. We also test throughout the supply chain at every fluid transfer and tanker load.

Certifiable Purity

Our ISO 22241 certification is rock-solid assurance that our DEF meets stringent OE requirements and international quality standards.

Customized Storage

Our DEF solution is stored in stainless steel or specific plastics in accordance with ISO 22241 requirements.

Specialized Delivery

Our DEF is delivered in temperature controlled, stainless steel tankers via sealed-air dispensing equipment approved by Measures Canada.

The Smarter Choice

We help maintain Canada’s top fleets by keeping more than 50% of Canada’s SCR equipped trucks moving cleaner every day.

Nationwide Capacity

With over 20 bulk DEF terminals strategically located across the country, our members Blue enjoy unmatched nationwide reach.

Careful Handling

DEF is a sensitive fluid with stringent tolerances, so we enforce strict handling procedures throughout our supply chain.