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Proudly One of the Largest DEF Distribution Networks in Canada

We are your one stop shop for the sale, distribution and delivery of DEF, equipment, and support. Our services are more than just sales and distribution; Blue Network and our national network of partners provide a suite of services, including design, installation, maintenance, financing, equipment, and complete system support.

Blue Network isn’t just a provider – we’re your reliable partner in the DEF industry, committed to delivering you a total DEF solution.

What we offer:


Factory direct DEF from 
the source straight to 
your facility.

  • No evaporated solids
  • No toxins
  • No contaminants

From portable indoor tanks to fixed outdoor installations to underground storage and tank farms, we’ve got you covered.


Our wide range of pump options can accommodate from 10 to 300 GPM.


Durable full- and self-service equipment including hoses, reels, connectors, fittings, nozzles, meters and more.


We’ll digitally monitor your consumption, tank levels and dispensing rates remotely to help you maximize efficiency.


Our three financing options make it easy to get a total DEF solution within your budget.