DEF Support

When you partner with Blue Network, we make sure you’re always supported. To make it easy to get the expertise you need, with a single contact number for our total support team. If you require repair or maintenance services, you can request a technician be dispatched to your location.

In addition to coordinating dispatch requests, our experts can answer a variety of questions:

  • Delivery inquiries
  • Equipment queries
  • Quality concerns

Having a full understanding of your account is important, and we make an effort to deliver information as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Contact Blue Network Today

Blue Network has more than 20 bulk DEF terminals nationwide, which means you can enjoy the benefits of membership no matter where you are in Canada. So why not cut out the middle man, save yourself some cash, and get the highest quality service? To learn more about our company or partner with us, please call us at (888) 732-6668.