Providing Reliable Supply of Quality DEF Products

Pioneering Solutions: Recochem’s Unwavering Commitment to Delivering Superior DEF Products Amidst Challenging Times

In North America, demand of DEF products has always outpaced supply, so we’ve always relied on importing product. Within the last three years, however, we’ve seen numerous geopolitical and environmental factors threaten the international supply of this necessary product.

With foresight and knowledge, Recochem, through our Blue Network, has emerged as a leader in the consistent supply of high-quality DEF products for our customers. We’d love to show you how we’ve accomplished this feat in our whitepaper, Reliable Supply of Quality DEF Product Solutions.

2 min read

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn:

  • How we developed an optimized solution that became one of the country’s biggest DEF networks and keeps its supply flowing for our customers across Canada.
  • How we ensure we’re meeting ISO 22241 requirements and why you should care.
  • The contingency plans we put in place to prepare for any type of circumstance that may threaten materials or processes.

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