DEF Delivery

Discover how you can manage your fleet and keep your trucks operating efficiently with diesel exhaust fluids delivery by Blue Network. Update your existing fluid delivery system and compare rates to find out why blue is the new green in diesel engine performance and fuel economy. Explore the importance of DEF, how to compare distributors, and why Blue Network is your leader in Canada.


The Importance of DEF

DEF is a key part of the SCR system, or Selective Catalytic Reduction system, that reduces emissions on large diesel trucks. Your trucks need routine deliveries of DEF to keep their onboard tanks topped up. Quality DEF breaks down harmful emissions and creates a water and nitrogen emissions profile that is better for the environment.

Unlike fuel additives, DEF requires a separate tank to store and deliver this fluid to trucks. If your commercial diesel trucks don’t already have a DEF distributor, you may need to have these tanks installed to reduce emissions. Purchasing DEF for individual trips is costly and inconvenient, so many fleet managers install a large holding tank and separate nozzle to fill up trucks before they head out on a route.

If you are already using a DEF dispensing and distribution system, you may be paying more or using a lower quality product. At Blue Network, we offer these products and services to make your fleet management easier:

  • DEF with no toxins, contaminants, or evaporated solids
  • Dependable indoor, outdoor, or underground storage tanks
  • Pumps that provide 10 to 300 gallons per minute
  • Hoses, connectors, digital meters, and other accessories
  • Financing tailored to your needs

Using DEF may be mandatory for your fleet, but the quality of fluid can vary considerably. Contaminants can reduce the efficiency of the system and cause maintenance issues on your fleet. Toxins create a workplace hazard for your maintenance team, drivers, and other employees.

A large fleet needs an on-site DEF container to quickly fill up tanks on trucks throughout the day. Buy fluid in bulk through Blue Network to reduce the cost of managing your fleet. Just like an on-site diesel tank, a large tank of DEF makes it easy to scale your fleet and grow your business.

Do you have the accessories you need to manage your holding tank? Fleet managers need to create a full setup that allows for safe storage, careful monitoring, and efficient pumping of DEF to holding tanks on each truck.


How To Compare Diesel Exhaust Fluids Delivery Services

There are many DEF delivery services available in your area, so what makes Blue Network stand out? Here are some factors to compare when shopping for your new provider:

  • Low-cost services
  • High-quality diesel exhaust fluid
  • Convenient refill scheduling
  • Bulk delivery
  • Custom storage solutions

Don’t pay more for the same quality of DEF. Buying in bulk is a great way to reduce the cost, but different producers offer different rates for shipping fluid and installing dispensers. Compare the cost and convenience of our product at Blue Network to see why we’re an industry leader in terms of cost and convenience.

Our fluid never uses urea prill or other low-grade alternatives. These evaporated solids can introduce formaldehyde, ammonia, and other toxins that are hazardous to your health and damaging to your equipment. Pure urea liquid or and water with a high purity allow for a standardized, high-quality product.

Schedule rapid maintenance services and automatic refill scheduling to keep your fleet moving forward. Other companies require you to fill out a new order and may not promise prompt delivery. Some companies require you to pay extra for emergency DEF delivery. At Blue Network, an automatic delivery schedule keeps your trucks driving efficiently and streamlines the ordering process.

Fleet managers need a lot more than a few gallons of DEF. Work with a distributor that has the means to deliver bulk fluid straight to your holding tanks. If you have multiple facilities around the country, you’ll need a similar network of reliable distribution sites. Blue Network has over 20 terminals nationwide to connect you with large quantities of affordable, reliable fluid.

Finally, ask your DEF provider about tank installation. We stand apart as a company not only committed to quality diesel exhaust fluid, but also to assisting you with managing your fluid storage and delivery. From temperature-controlled tankers straight to a quality tank on your property, your DEF is safe in our hands. We offer a range of tank and pump options and can even create a custom tank for your facility.


Manage Your Fleet with Blue Network

What does your fleet need to keep moving? Streamlining your maintenance, fuel delivery, and DEF delivery reduces your cost and allows you to update or affordably grow your fleet. Invest in the DEF dispensing system you need for your future fleet and use competitive financing to invest in your business.

Stay ahead of the competition by switching to a leading DEF distributor. Get started today with Canada’s leading distribution team at Blue Network. From a few jugs to keep your owner-operator business going to a full setup of bulk tanks and pumps, we have the products and services that make a difference in your daily operations.

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