British Columbia

DEF Manufacturing and Dispensing

DEF Manufacturing & Dispensing in British Columbia

At Blue Network, we have DEF manufacturing locations all over Canada to meet the high demand for this product. Not only do we produce the fluid itself, but we can also provide a variety of equipment, including pumps, monitoring devices, and tanks. If your budget is a problem, we can also offer to finance, so you never have to go without it.

British Columbia

British Columbia has a history of being an economic powerhouse, and its position on the West Coast makes it an important business center. Blue Network’s location in this rich province can service many local distribution centers, allowing both large and small companies to take advantage of reliable DEF.

To ensure you can maintain your fluid’s purity while not in use, Blue Network only offers tanks in stainless steel or specific plastics in accordance with API (American Petroleum Institute) and ISO 22241 requirements. We can provide storage solutions for a variety of configurations:

  • In-ground
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor

We also provide both portable and fixed options according to your needs.

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Blue Network is proud to operate plants in each of these locations and serve the surrounding communities. For more information or to get started, give us a call at (888) 732-6668 or contact us online.