DEF Manufacturing and Dispensing

DEF Manufacturing & Dispensing in Alberta

At Blue Network, we have DEF manufacturing locations all over Canada to meet the high demand for this product. Not only do we produce the fluid itself, but we can also provide a variety of equipment, including pumps, monitoring devices, and tanks. If your budget is a problem, we can also offer finance, so you never have to go without it.


Being a major player in the petroleum industry, Alberta is a busy center of commerce. As you might expect, this means a great deal of shipping and, therefore, a need for DEF from local manufacturing plants such as Blue Network.

With so many booming businesses competing against each other, companies need to run a tight ship. To help you keep a handle on your fluid consumption, we offer monitoring equipment that not only tracks use but also offers an ongoing analysis of your supply needs. With the right equipment, you can optimize the supply chain, so you don’t overspend and don’t under-order.

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