DEF Maintenance

DEF Equipment Maintenance

Over time, all equipment suffers wear and tear. When it comes to DEF, that damage can compromise chemical makeup and impact your fleet’s uptime. Fortunately, Blue Network offers maintenance services to identify and remedy these issues before they become problems. Additionally, maintenance can actually prolong the life of your equipment, letting you get the best return on your investment money.

One of our most valuable services is digital monitoring, which allows us to record the following:

  • Dispensing rates
  • Tank levels
  • Consumption

This information can help you determine when to order more fluid as well as identify any odd patterns or discrepancies that may indicate a problem.

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Blue Network has more than 20 bulk DEF terminals nationwide, which means you can enjoy the benefits of membership no matter where you are in Canada. So why not cut out the middle man, save yourself some cash, and get the highest quality service? To learn more about our company or partner with us, please contact us at (888) 732-6668.

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