DEF Installation

DEF Equipment Installation

An essential step in maintaining storage and equipment quality is a professional installation. Our technicians are trained in the expert handling and setup of all DEF products and accessories. Once the API-compliant equipment is in place, we establish a regular delivery program to ensure you’re always stocked up.

To keep our DEF at optimal efficiency, we utilize stainless steel, temperature-controlled tankers. To preserve the fluid’s chemical integrity, we only use sealed-air dispensing, guaranteeing that the product delivered is at the quality you paid for.

Does your company run through DEF like clockwork? With our automatic refill program, you never have to worry about scheduling a delivery.

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Blue Network has more than 20 bulk DEF terminals nationwide, which means you can enjoy the benefits of membership no matter where you are in Canada. So why not cut out the middle man, save yourself some cash, and get the highest quality service? To learn more about our company or partner with us, please contact us at (888) 732-6668.

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