DEF Financing

DEF Financing in Quebec

Obtaining the cost efficiency relies on volume, which is why it makes sense to invest in better equipment and systems that can leverage full-truckload deliveries. Blue Network provides the upfront capital for the initial investment so you can save your cash for expenses. That’s why we created financing options:

  • Rent: If you don’t find it beneficial to own your own equipment, Blue Network offers rentals. The total cost includes all the equipment, which is covered by a warranty for the duration of our partnership. The new equipment allows you to gain volume pricing for DEF that is more cost-effective, and it provides better storage to preserve fluid quality.
  • Financing: If you prefer to own your equipment, but don’t have the capital for purchase, Blue Network offers financing. This allows you to make payments over several years and own the items free and clear once the total amount is paid.
  • Supply: If you already have equipment in place, we’re the best supplier for maximum efficiency. We can enhance your current equipment or upgrade it. Blue Network is your best partner for the supply and service of high-quality DEF

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Blue Network has more than 20 bulk DEF terminals nationwide, which means you can enjoy the benefits of membership no matter where you are in Canada. So why not cut out the middle man, save yourself some cash, and get the highest quality service? To learn more about our company or partner with us, please contact us at (888) 732-6668.

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