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Blue quality direct from the source. With over 20 bulk DEF terminals strategically located across the country, our Blue Network members enjoy unmatched nationwide reach.

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High quality DEF direct from the source to your facility

Our DEF starts with automotive grade urea, sourced as a pure urea liquor. We precision blend high-purity water to achieve standardized concentrations. We never use evaporated solid “urea prill” which can introduce ammonia, formaldehyde and or other equipment damaging contaminants.

Here’s what makes our DEF different.

Locally Manufactured

With 7 state-of-the-art production facilities in Canada, our DEF is made locally with a continuous fresh supply of fluid, providing maximum potency and shelf life.

Rigorously Tested

Our API-certified DEF is fully tested at our accredited, in-house lab. We also test throughout the supply chain at every fluid transfer and tanker load.

Certifiable Purity

Our ISO 22241 certification is rock-solid assurance that our DEF meets stringent OE requirements and international quality standards.

Customized Storage

Our DEF solution is stored in stainless steel or specific plastics in accordance with API (American Petroleum Institute) and ISO 22241 requirements.

Specialized Delivery

Our DEF is delivered in temperature controlled, stainless steel tankers via sealed-air dispensing equipment approved by Measures Canada.

The Smarter Choice

We help maintain Canada’s top fleets by keeping more than 50% of Canada’s SCR equipped trucks moving cleaner every day.

Nationwide Capacity

With over 20 bulk DEF terminals strategically located across the country, our members Blue enjoy unmatched nationwide reach.

Careful Handling

DEF is a sensitive fluid with stringent tolerances, so we enforce strict handling procedures throughout our supply chain.

Our Services

Blue Network reaches far beyond fluid.

Best-in-class service without the added expense.

Coverage and quality are just the beginning. With a robust infrastructure and partners nationwide, Blue Network provides a total solution for DEF liquid, delivery, and equipment.

From no-hassle delivers and tank monitoring to in-yard DEF equipment design, installation and financing, our industry-leading experts are here to make things easier.

Here’s what makes Blue Network different:

  • Automated, No-Hassle Delivery
    Automatic refill scheduling makes it easy to keep your fleet’s tanks wet with high quality DEF.
  • Fast & Convenient
    With more terminals than any other DEF supplier in Canada, we can provide the fluids and supplies you need faster and more cost effectively.
  • Customized Planning for Maximum Efficiency
    Remote tank monitoring service and ongoing consumption analysis provide insights to optimize delivery and usage.
  • Equipment & Supplies
    From all kinds of storage tanks to hoses, reels, connectors and more, we provide our members with the high quality equipment they need to dispense DEF.
  • Intelligent Tank Design
    With multiple options for fixed or portable configurations, our expertise includes both indoor, outdoor, and in-ground solutions that improve fleet operations.
  • Total Value Focus
    With comprehensive warranty support, 3-5 year financing terms, and multiple price-per-liter options, we make sure your costs are on budget and your trucks are on the road.
  • Direct Partnerships
    By eliminating the middleman, our direct partnerships with key providers and contractors results in great service and industry-leading expertise from coast to coast.
  • Single Point Support
    We have one number for questions on deliveries, quality and equipment, and our trained dispatch team makes it easy to handle support, service or repair requests with a single call.