DEF Manufacturing and Dispensing

DEF Manufacturer and Dispenser in Maritimes

At Blue Network, we have DEF manufacturing locations all over Canada to meet the high demand for this product. Not only do we produce the fluid itself, but we can also provide a variety of equipment, including pumps, monitoring devices, and tanks. If your budget is a problem, we can also offer financing, so you never have to go without it.


With their robust forestry, agricultural, and fishing industries, the Maritimes see a great deal of shipping from their provinces to the rest of the country and beyond. With so many diesel engines on the road, DEF is a must to reduce their carbon footprint. This product instigates a chemical reaction that transforms exhaust from diesel engines into harmless water and nitrogen.

Having a local production site may be a boon companion, as sites can reliably supply DEF within a reasonable time frame. Cutting down on shipping time means potentially lower delivery costs and no scrambling when stores get low.

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