Tips for Purchasing DEF

DEF is a powerful fluid that has changed the way diesel engines run; however, ordering and storing this liquid can be challenging. Follow along with our tips to discover how to work with a DEF supplier to order, store, and use DEF fluid. From a few quarts to hundreds of gallons, you need a national network of quality products to keep your commercial fleet moving forward.

Purchasing DEF Tips

DEF is available at fill-up locations across the country, and with the help of a leading supplier you can find a fill-up location nearest to you. With long distances to cover, it can be stressful not knowing in advance where to refill your DEF, however with the help of our cross-country presence we are able to set up a replenishment service directly at your commercial facility. Here are ways to identify the optimal way to create a delivery system at your facility:

Review Fluid Quality

DEF is required to meet ISO 22241 standards which mandates the use of ultra-pure water and a pure urea concentration of 32.5%. This ensures the DEF is of the correct composition for maximum performance. Ask about ISO specifications and other quality control measures to ensure you receive DEF that keeps your trucks moving forward.

Coordinate Delivery

Scheduling a delivery is a complex process. Here are the basic steps:

  • Choose a fluid
  • Order storage equipment, pump, and accessories
  • Customize your order
  • Prepare for a smart dispensing solution

Some suppliers don’t provide equipment recommendations for you to store your fluid onsite. In this case, you’ll need to schedule a storage tank and pump delivery before you can order fluid. Avoid this logistical challenge by working with a full-service supplier in your area.

After discussing your needs, you can arrange for a full delivery, equipment installation, and routine DEF delivery to match your needs. Don’t worry about running low or running out of storage space for your bulk delivery – turn to Blue Network for a simple, effective delivery schedule.

Create a Long-Term Supplier Relationship

Working with the same provider year after year helps you create a stress-free delivery system. Choose a provider with a nationwide network, so you can still receive the same DEF if your company expands to another location in Canada.

At Blue Network, we create an automated delivery schedule to reduce the time and stress of ordering DEF. Most businesses have a good idea about their DEF needs. If you’re just starting out, we can work with you to create an expected fluid delivery plan. You can always customize and alter your plan to order more or less fluid as your needs change, but an automated system ensures predictability and reliability from a leading DEF supplier.

How To Manage Your DEF

Managing DEF in a major facility is easy with the right working relationship. As you prepare to manage and store DEF, you’ll have to make a few considerations. Learn how to store and preserve DEF as you streamline your process and improve your shop’s efficiency.

For other tips on managing DEF, read our blog, “Tips for Handling Diesel Exhaust Fluid In Cold Weather”, and our DEF Handling Guide.

Necessary Equipment for Bulk DEF Storage

A single truck may be adequately supplied with a small containerof DEF. For a larger fleet or multiple refill occasions, commercial bulk storage and dispensing equipment may be the most efficient and economical choice.

It all starts with a tank. Discuss your property and your ideal DEF amount to determine whether you need an underground tank, external tank, or interior tank for your facility.

Next, you should choose a pump that’s appropriately sized for your tank. Pumps and other accessories help create a convenient filling station to fill up any DEF tank before a haul.

Finally, monitoring devices, heaters, and other accessories help you customize your setup to handle the weather and your company’s needs.

All this equipment can seem like a large upfront investment, but financing options help you make the most of your situation. Work with Blue Network to see how you can create a commercial equipment setup.

DEF Handling Tips

Handling DEF requires the proper pump system to efficiently deliver it from your storage tank to your commercial vehicle. There are a few other safety considerations that can help your team remain safe and your DEF pure as you handle it:

  • Routinely clean and maintain your pump
  • Thoroughly clean out tanks if contaminated or if poor quality DEF has been stored in them in the past
  • Create a closed-loop system to avoid airborne contamination
  • Clean and rinse your DEF dispensing products with deionized water, followed by a rinse with DEF

Other handling tips may be equipment-specific, so work with your provider to learn more about handling best practices. Don’t let your DEF become contaminated or compromised through outdated equipment or lack of safe handling practices.

Work With a DEF Dealer

Get started today to see how you can manage your fleet efficiently and provide trucks with DEF. Source fluid from Blue Network and learn more about financing options to get started today.

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