Bulk Delivery

Bulk DEF Delivery

Change the way you order DEF with our diesel exhaust fluid transportation and delivery services. At Blue Network, we take pride in industry-leading product purity, dependable customer service, and on-time delivery of bulk fluid to your location. Explore our services to see how you can take advantage of a nationwide network to keep your fleet moving forward.


Bulk Sizing for Your Needs

A modern fleet requires large quantities of diesel exhaust fluid. As you continue to stay at the forefront of reduced emissions, work with Blue Network to enjoy affordable, on-time delivery of the fluid you need. Whether ordering a large container or a fill-up of your on-site bulk container, choose Blue Network.

We use certified meters and high-volume transportation equipment to deliver the resources that keep your fleet moving. On-time delivery is a critical part of your operations, so we keep our trucks moving and delivering DEF to your location. Our unsurpassed capacity can keep up with the DEF requirements of the largest fleet.

Buying in bulk comes with logistical challenges. Be sure to work with a team with the resources necessary to manage large quantities of DEF without the risk of contamination. Our nationwide team has the resources needed to make on-time deliveries wherever your equipment is operating.

Pure Products

Not all DEF is created equal. If you want factory-direct fluid that exceeds your expectations, turn to Blue Network. Our bulk DEF delivery services offer only the very best in fluid. Here are just a few benefits of choosing our product:

• No toxins

• No evaporated solids

• No contaminants

Bulk deliveries of sub-par products can result in inefficiencies and even damage to your fleet. As you continue to operate your fleet, be sure that you maintain the highest levels of quality control with our dependable product.

Our DEF product is rigorously tested to ensure no defects can affect your fleet. Impurities and other sub-standard options can reduce the efficiency of your diesel exhaust system and can increase the risk of maintenance issues.

Dedicated Customer Support

Don’t just order products from a nameless corporation. At Blue Network, we welcome you with a personal touch. Speak to a customer service agent who understands your industry, our product, and the importance of friendly, efficient support. A dedicated agent helps you address any questions or concerns about your DEF delivery.

Ask about scheduling a bulk order to a location anywhere across the nation. Discuss the benefits of our DEF product and the equipment necessary to deliver it to your fleet. Our team can handle any questions you may have or diesel exhaust fluid emergencies that may arise.

Diverse Products and Equipment

A bulk delivery can’t help you if you don’t have the storage and pumping capacity to distribute it to your transportation fleet. Our equipment allows you to store, monitor, and pump fluid year-round to top up your trucks.

On-hand, on-demand DEF reduces your operational costs and helps streamline your transportation or construction services.

Investing in a bulk order can be costly. Work with our team at Blue Network to find a financing option that frees up your working capital and allows you to keep your company growing. Here are a few ways we can help you navigate the financial commitment of bulk fluid storage and delivery:

• Financing equipment

• Renting equipment

• Delivering in bulk

Create a competitive payment plan for your fluid delivery and storage containers. Spread the cost of a buried tank, pump, and hundreds of gallons of fluid across a few years of affordable payments. Receive financing through our company to avoid the hassle of securing a loan or investing all your working capital into DEF.

Renting equipment is another affordable way to enjoy bulk storage for less upfront cost. Our rental agreement provides you with the essential equipment your company needs to deliver DEF and covers it all under warranty. An affordable rate covers the cost and stress of equipment maintenance so you can focus on other facility needs.

Bulk deliveries are more cost-effective than small tanks. When you schedule a delivery, ask about our Air1 Poly tanks. Our dynamic fleet of DEF delivery trucks can set you up with affordable, high-quality fluid.

Industries We Serve

We’re proud to deliver to many locations across the country. DEF is common in the transportation industry, but we also work with other industries to reduce emissions and improve exhaust quality. Here are a few industries we’re already serving:

• Construction

• Agricultural

• Manufacturing

• Forestry

• Marine

• Transportation

• Mining

Ask about DEF solutions for your particular industry. Our delivery schedule, storage containers, pump nozzles, and other equipment can all be tailored to your specific location and industrial timetable. This ensures you always have your vehicles topped up with dependable DEF.

Schedule a Bulk Delivery Today Get started with your new DEF bulk delivery solution today. Work with Blue Network to modernize your equipment, accelerate your DEF deliveries, and create an industry-leading fleet. We’re proud to work across the nation in a range of industries, so we’re confident we have the equipment, DEF quality, and rates you need.


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